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Dufremol store chain constantly enlarges the assortment with new products and also holds promotions for Customers. On this page you will find information about world novelties that become available for sale in Dufremol shops. Also we will tell how legendary branded products were created and how they became the part of world history.

Our releases will inform you about Dufremol promotions such as product presentations, tastings, discounts, gifts for Buyers and many others.

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11 April 2017
New Fragrances from Dior

Perfume novelties from Dior, launched in 2017 are now available at Dufremol DutyFree.

Dior Homme Sport is the new version of the fragrance came out in 2008 for the first time. The second release dates back to 2012, becoming more elegant and sophisticated version of its predecessor. In 2017 it was replaced by the new edition inspired by dynamics and courage. The composition opens with citrus notes, including lemon, red orange and grapefruit. The zesty heart offers pink pepper and musk. The base brings sandalwood and vetiver.

Dior J`Adore In Joy with fruity-salty notes was launched in spring 2017. The secret of such scent is in the unique natural ingredient - finest gourmet salt "Fleur de Sel", used by the perfumer for the creation of the fragrance. Its crystals have extraordinary flavor and subtle violet notes. J`Adore In Joy offer salty accords in the top, with jasmine, ylang-ylang, tuberose and neroli in the heart. The base brings the freshness of ripe peaches. The fragrance is announced as the scent of fun, audacity, the feeling of wonder and unspeakable sensuality.

10 April 2017
Gifts from Armani
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